Golden waist arrow
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Golden waist arrow is detailed brief introduction

The door: Angiosperm door (Angiospermae)
Key link: Dicotyledon key link (Magnoliopsida) chrysanthemum subclass
Eye: Chrysanthemum eye
Division: Composite (Compositae)
Belong to: Golden waist arrow is belonged to (Synedrella)
Chinese local name: Golden waist arrow

English local name: Axile Arraw
With content different name:

Biologic character: Annual herbaceous, take up of moor of unripe low height above sea level, moorland, hillside, farmland, road curtilage by, comfortable be born at wet environment. Florescence 6~10 month. Achene can adhere to Yu Yi is taken or travel on animal body fur, progenitive force is extremely powerful.

Country of origin
Country of origin: Intertropical America; Show intertropical region of wide cloth world.

Inbreak the ground
Fujian (the south) , Guangdong, Guangxi (the south) , Hainan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Yunnan, Macao

Reason of introduce a fine variety and influence

Introduce diffuse reason and harm: Began to become common fireweed in Hong Kong 1912. Nowadays is Hua Na and southwest common farm fireweed, reduce crop yield, begin to inbreak gardens of a few economy.

Species appraisal feature is described

Differentiate a feature: The bine is erect, tall 0.3~1m, chang Erqi shape is ramose, the shag that is stuck to be born. Foliaceous opposite, wide egg form wraps around to egg shape needle form, base following is delayed alar, close base give 3 arteries and veins or nearly 5 arteries and veins, the brim provides irregular denticulation, two sides by wart base coarse wool. Capitate, 2~6 bunch is unripe (rare sheet is unripe) axillary, without straighten or have short stem; Long make an appointment with 10mm, diametical 4~5mm, outer always luxuriant a green, foliaceous; Spend yellow; Ligulate flower restrains even tubal head of a department 10mm, tongue piece short, elliptic, tip 2 shallow crack. Grow 4~5mm if really, two model: Female flower achene achene is wide flat and flowing, the brim has a wing, wing predestined relationship has 6~8 each hard thorn, aigret 2, thorn shape; The achene achene of bisexual flower relatively narrow, pour awl shape or pour egg shape 3 prism form, without the wing, two sides has small wart dash forward, aigret 2~5, thorn shape.