Spend golden pheasant chrysanthemum greatly
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[formal name] Coreopsis Grandiflora Hogg.

[alias] sword leaf coreopsis

[division belong to] composite, golden pheasant chrysanthemum is belonged to

Producing area distributings
Produce the United States formerly, help advance somebody's career extensively today. Cupreous award is won in trials of European flowers breed.

Grow characteristics
Lax to edaphic requirement, be fond of the arenaceous qualitative loam with fecund, wet good drainage, be able to bear or endure drought, cold-resistant, also heat-resisting.

Configuration feature
Vivacious perennial root is herbaceous, individual plant is expensive 30 ~ 60cm. The bine is erect much more ramose. Base foliation and leaf of partial bine bottom wrap around needle form or spoon form; Cauline foliation all or sometimes 3 ~ 5 crack, lobation wraps around needle form or form, tip blunt form. Capitate, diameter 4 ~ 7.5cm, have long power, the brim round of ligulate flower, other is tubular flower. Ligulate flower normally 8, yellow, topmost 3 crack; The person that horticultural breed has heavy segment or section (have ligulate flower many rounds namely) . Achene circle, provide broad and thin film qualitative wing.

Florescence 6 - in August.

Breed helps advance somebody's career
Chrysanthemum of big beautiful golden pheasant is used sow breed, not tall to edaphic requirement, cold-resistant, be able to bear or endure drought, gemmiparous and appropriate temperature is 15 ~ 20 Celsius.

Help advance somebody's career point
Gemmiparous temperature: Day of 18-24 ℃ bud counts: 9-12 day
Grow temperature: 13 ℃
Be fond of smooth characteristics: Complete illumination
Sow to blossom (acupuncture point dish help advance somebody's career) : 11—12 week
Dew ground helps advance somebody's career individual plant is expensive: 50—90 centimeter the rising sun
” of “ rising sun is the first can be in variety of dish of chrysanthemum of big beautiful golden pheasant that blossom inside box container and offers. Below long sunshine or enough illumination condition, from sow to blossom to need 11 weeks to reach 12 weeks only. The half heavy valve of golden color is beautiful, whole summer blooms ceaseless. After as a result of “ sunny ” sows can blossom the first year, because this can press annual flowers,undertake produce and be used. This breed individual plant compact, individual plant is 60 centimeters expensive, coronal 65 centimeters.

Main use
Chrysanthemum of big beautiful golden pheasant is vivacious herb, can blossom in those days, florescence has 4 many months. The flower is big and gorgeous, when the flower leaves golden, in greenery foil below, be just as golden pheasant independence, flowery and dazzing.

Can use at decorating beautiful border, also can become in meadow brim, sloping field, lawn piece cultivated, also can make cut a flower, still can use as the ground by.
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