Golden pheasant chrysanthemum
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Name: Golden pheasant chrysanthemum
Formal name: Coreopsis Basalis
Division belong to: Chrysanthemum of composite golden pheasant is belonged to
Category: Vivacious perennial root is herbaceous flowers

Configuration feature

Vivacious perennial root is herbaceous, blade much opposite, rare each other is unripe, whole reason, shallow crack or cut crack. The flower is odd
Unripe or scanty panicle, always luxuriant two, every list 3, base the ministry is accrete. Ligulate flower L is listed, wide tongue shape, show yellow, palm or pink. Tubular flower yellow comes Brown.
Main sort: Oreopsis·basalis of owlet  誄, individual plant tall 30~gOcm, entire individual plant is scanty grow wool, xie Quanyuan is shallow crack, cauline foliation
Grow round spoon form or wrap around needle form, cauline foliation 3 one 5 crack, capitate diameter 6 one 7cm, have long stem, spend golden color.
Entire individual plant of C·grandiflora of chrysanthemum of big beautiful golden pheasant a bit by wool, have ramose, base foliation wraps around needle form, whole reason, upside leaf 3 one 5 crack greatly. First
Shape inflorescence 4 one 6·3cm, row of inside and outside always luxuriants to wait nearly long. Ligulate flower 8, yellow grows 1~2·5cm, upright 3 crack, tubular flower also is yellow.
C·lanceolata of chrysanthemum of big golden pheasant, do not have wool or scanty grow wool, foliaceous much bunch is unripe base ministry or minority opposite, the leaf on the bine is very few, head shape is beautiful
Diameter makes an appointment with 5 one 6cm, the row always luxuriants outside constant relatively inside the list is short, ligulate flower 8 yellow, upright 2~3 is cracked. Tubular flower yellow.
Coverticillata@ of chrysanthemum of impeller blade golden pheasant does not have wool, little ramose, foliaceous verticillate does not have power control shape 3 crack greatly, each lobation fine crack, tubular flower yellow comes olive.

Producing area distributings

Produce American southern part formerly

Grow characteristics

Golden pheasant chrysanthemum kind cold-resistant is able to bear or endure drought, lax to edaphic requirement, happy event is smooth, but be able to bear or endure half shade, adaptability is strong, have to 2 oxidation sulfur stronger fight a gender.


It is easy to help advance somebody's career, often can multiply by oneself. Use more in production sow or distinguish individual plant breed, the summer also can undertake cuttage breeds. Sow breed to undertook in August commonly, also but
Spring shows ground direct seeding by April, 7 blossommed in August, the flower leaves in succession] a period of ten days of 0 the middle of a month. Biennial golden pheasant chrysanthemum, early spring by May in June
Blossom first, leave all the time in October the middle ten days of a month. Be about to make golden pheasant chrysanthemum blossoms much, incomplete flower can be picked after the flower, 7~8 month chases after fertilizer, the National Day can spend numerous Xie Mao.
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