The lily use in marriage
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The woman loves a flower, because the woman loves the United States, love a flower fragrance sweet, love beautiful much appearance, fine fine savour, those who differ is beautiful, different wind endowment, bring a person to be experienced with what differ. Feminine hope bath is in love andFlowerin ocean, and those who marry that day, it is the day that fond dream comes true.

Long-term since, red rose is the only alternative of marriage market all the time. However, the youngster of angle vogue and new idea is not satisfied already serve as with red rose marriage the adornment that celebrate uses a flower, the demand that in recent years new personality uses a flower to wedding is higher and higher also, hold a flower in both hands to marriage newly-married gauze and bride, and the collocation of tire takes seriously particularly. In phyletic and various flowers, lily grows beautiful bine and large beautiful body with its, and special got the welcome of marriage market.

Spending as tonal as dress whole to allocate is to be weighed particularly want. Yearning romance, decorous youngster is bold use white lily more. White lily holds a flower in both hands with the tire at the bride and hand normally in. Match the gauze of pearl lubricious marriage with white east lily, endow the charm with bridal high elegance, and those who adorn meantime is emerald evergreen cane, it is the Qing Chun that showed a bride more. In the meantime, evergreen the cane is the vigor that showed a bride more, adumbrative youth always is stationed in.

When the bridal ceremonial robe or dress that wears lubricious Ze Xuanli when you, the lily that should move with warm color is suitable, the charming beauty with showing a bride adequately, gorgeous. Right now, pink it is first-rate choice normally. What the attention needs here is, headdress flower and hand hold the beautiful material that beautiful place uses and color in both hands to want to keep unified, in order to reflect its harmonious whole result.

Besides the bride outside dressing up, lily also is applied at marriage banquet and bridal chamber widely in decorating, dash forward the elegance that shows wedding and holy. On marriage banquet, might as well with the horn model lily of white iron artillery piece and greenery plunge into a bouquet at will, aureate or reoccupy is argent wide silken area hits a bowknot, hang its on the wall of the hotel, this was added to luxuriant hotel and frisky occasion undoubtedly how much nobility and halcyon. You consider in case the atmosphere that builds a joy, that uses the lily of orange or yellow boldly, this this color can be pounded with stronger visual sense to the person, below the set off of chromatic balloon, bring close friends infinite joyous Yue.

The form of indispensable cook is more in bridal chamber. It adorned this lovely heaven and earth not only, more conveyed " hundred years close very much " good blessing. Deep the choice that pink Asian lily is new personality normally, because it is indicative the move is melting with happiness, bring the joy of one's whole life to you. And Siberia lily also with its peculiar scent, make the first selection of new people absolutely.
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