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Editor's note: Held in Beijing last week 2005 (first) Chinese marriage rich meeting and Beijing marry exhibit, flower art is the same as marriage celebrate " spouse " the relation exhibits the person that let watch on the meeting in this take in everything in a glance. Our newspaper reporter exhibits meeting site designedly, interviewed Japanese famous flower the relevant personage that art division and partial home marriage celebrate a company, ask them to talk marriage celebrate flower art.

Want to cooperate atmosphere

Ishikawa is clever child (Japan is famous flower art division)

Marriage rich is met on, one when stylist of gauze of Japanese famous marriage Ms. Gui Youmei brings " international gauze of top class marriage is beautiful " quite seductive. Whole performance cent is style of gauze of marriage of style of gauze of gauze of marriage of cosmic amorous feelings, hand-me-down, rural marriage, royal family, world formal attire of advanced marriage gauze, rose and Oriental formal attire 7 parts. Marriage gauze of Gui Youmei or decorous and showily, or contracted quiet, the style is changeful. And the holds flower, body in both hands to go up dress in model hand is beautiful, also make major beautiful actor person shines at the moment.

These beautiful material all are classics is artificial treated dry flower, natural, simple look mediates simple sense is communicating fashionable breath. Whole flower art by Japanese famous flower art division Ishikawa is clever child design. Under at first view, feel this field is spent art none make public, even not at all " outstanding " , but in whole performance, these hold flower, dress flower in both hands to be the same as marriage gauze very apt, be identical, nod eyeball and do not grab limelight, make person cannot not the work force that from the bottom of one's heart highly praises flower art division.

The reporter has good fortune clever to Ishikawa after the performance child undertook be interviewinged briefly. Already had 10 years of flower art she from already check, in the light of stage show the design of flower art conveyed flower art and wedding oneself opinion: "Flower art is designed must suit circumstance, cooperate atmosphere. This is show of gauze of a marriage, so we should be made clear above all, marriage gauze is the most important, the flower serves to reveal marriage gauze, cannot grab the camera lens of marriage gauze; If be to be in bridal celebration, the regulation that marriage gauze is more than a flower is possible no longer applicable, be in Japan, people is very exquisite and bridal atmosphere, the flower is in foil on atmosphere very effective, so the flower on wedding can compare bridal marriage gauze more outstanding, grab an eye; Holding flower, dress flower in both hands well suit dress certainly, do not match with dress holding flower, dress in both hands to spend scarcely can be outstanding flower art design, this one no matter in marriage gauze show flower art is designed,go up or in wedding flower art is designed is applicable. This one no matter in marriage gauze show flower art is designed,go up or in wedding flower art is designed is applicable..
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