10 kinds of flowers in wedding
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FlowerMatching marriage gauze is a kind of common marriage illuminates modelling, however, differentFlowerMeaning each are not identical, the bride cannot stress exterior beauty only when collocation, do not take care, collocation is wrong, can want make a stupid mistake, gauze of a few marriage introduces to see according to middling belowFlowerRepresents specific meaning.

1 rose -- , love

The rose is the optimal spokesman of love, many new personality pat marriage gauze to illuminate, first selection rose, different meaning also distinguishs the color that Dan Mei rares somewhat: Red rose represents: Loving you greatly; Pink rose expresses: Become enamoured is in of heart, love enunciative; White rose expresses: The meaning of innocent, pure, respect.

2 carnation -- , sweet

Major carnation represented the feeling of love, glamour and respect. Shallow gules delegate is admired, cardinal delegate loves deeply and show loving care for. The love that pure white represented chasteness and lucky; Decorative pattern carnation represents the apology when rejecting courtship. Pink carnation is had the most important symbolize and historical sense, what because this is pink,carnation made immortal mother love is indicative.

3 gladiolus -- , yearning

Sword orchid represented the feeling of the yearning. Also express to be in love with, salary of the intention, macrobian, Kang Ning, blessing.

4 lily -- , pure

In christian, lily is indicative chasteness, chaste and fancy-free. When Easter, lily bouquet often appears in Christian family, what because it is Jesus,revive is indicative. Be in China, lily is mother love is indicative. On ancient Rome and Greek wedding. Lily is indicative chasteness and innocent, deserve to ear serves as bridal tire with lily, the implied meaning is worn golden harvests, hundred years close very much. In mediaeval century, the beauty of lily is indicative female. Lily represented pure spirit. Liliaceous color is rich, most person be the same as white lily fancy-free be together with sweet connection. White lily perianth considers as the flower of goddess, maize lily expresses to appreciate with joy.

5 butterfly orchid -- , true love

Colour of this kind of beautiful be similar in shape butterfly, beautiful appearance is beautiful and moving, sex of extremely rich adornment. Between lover of butterfly orchid delegate sacred fire, it is the bride holds the important flower material in the flower in both hands.

6 all over the sky star -- , joker is beautiful

Represented a care, pure, successful, happy, wedding be weighinged " joker is spent " .

7 lovers are careless -- , romantic
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