Marriage ceremony the adornment doohickey of flower art
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Marriage a great event that celebrates humanness to be born, suffer the attention of new personality fully, and marriage the series that celebrate uses a flower, more pursuit vogue and romantic youth place favour. The author is engaged in for years marriage the adornment that celebrates series to use a flower works, now marriage celebrate car of the option that uses a flower, marriageFlowerAdornment, new personalityFlowerAdornment, bridal chamberFlowerBanquet of adornment, marriageFlowerAdornment talks about the proposal of bit of shallow.

Marriage celebrate the choice that use a flower

Marriage celebrate the requirement that use a flower to have 4 characteristics, spend big, color namely colourful, fresh, message is good.

The flower is big: Point to two meanings, the system capacity that points to flower wants big, 2 those who point to flower is open degree want big, want to choose to be in the flower that fills florescence namely.

Scenery is gorgeous: The colour that points to flower wants gorgeous, powerful, can reflect festival mood.

Fresh: Point to leave time of the mother's body shorter, whole is in good condition, scathing rate is minor.

The message is good: Show the implied meaning of beautiful itself is close friends, like lily implied meaning hundred years close very much, heaven bird implied meaning flies wing to wing, red palm implied meaning has mutual affinity, love of Chinese rose message, dance the mood with Lan Yu lively and cheerful meaning.

Marriage the commonly used flower that celebrate basically is bird of lily, red palm, heaven, dance orchid, chrysanthemum of butterfly orchid, Chinese rose, gladiolus, cattleya, Africa, carnation, the root of balloonflower, all over the sky grass of star, lover, not oblivious of oneself etc; Commonly used leaf basically is Brazil certain herbaceous plants with big flowers of Mu Xie, needle, medicinal powder pine of leaf of leaf of end certain herbaceous plants with big flowers, sword, curvature of the spinal column, calla leaf, asparagus, a fabled abode of immortals, lucid asparagus.

Marriage carFlowerDecorate marriage carFlowerAdornment includes casing of end of car head, roof, door, car, car of 5 partsFlowerAdornment.

Car head: It is body of illuminative of whole marriage car, also be the key that marriage car views and admire, illuminative stand or fall, affect integral result directly. Accordingly, car headFlowerAdornment is truckload the illuminative is crucial.
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