The flower modelling in marriage gauze photography
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Flowerbeautiful blindfold making a person. FlowerModelling is the most popular, fashionable type selecting material in building of modern trade picture.

One, modellingFlowerthe implied meaning

Make up as modelling division, want to letFlowerCan perfect in your hand, want to be opposite above allFlowerHave certain knowledge. For instance, the most commonly used flower in shadow building has lily, rose, cattleya, all over the sky star... . These flowers have the implied meaning each, understood only, ability is used better.

Rose: The rose basically uses the information that passes love. Different rose is having different sense, if red is represented " I love you " ; Cardinal representing's imperceptible beauty; White rose expresses chasteness and divine love, wedding expresses happy love in vain; Today, yellow rose states joy is mixed glad, decrease or lose what love ever represented on the history; Coral represents hope; Tangerine yellow delegate makes a person infatuate with enthusiasm; Lilac rose expresses to fall in love at first sight; Shallow pink rose states elegant, nobility is mixed admire; Modena rose thankses; Normally dark color rose shows friendliness. Red rose and yellow rose mix express congratulation, yellow rose and tangerine yellow rose express enthusiastic longing together. Red rose and white rose state marriage is perfect.

Major carnation represented carnation the affection of love, glamour and respect. Shallow gules delegate is admired, cardinal delegate loves deeply and show loving care for. The love that pure white represented chasteness and lucky; Decorative pattern carnation represents the apology when rejecting courtship. Pink carnation is had the most important symbolize and historical sense, what because this is pink,carnation made immortal mother love is indicative.

Gladiolus: Sword orchid represented the feeling of the yearning. Also express to be in love with, salary of the intention, macrobian, Kang Ning, blessing.

Liliaceous: In christian, lily is indicative chasteness, chaste and fancy-free. When Easter, lily bouquet often appears in Christian family, what because it is Jesus,revive is indicative. Be in China, lily is mother love is indicative. On ancient Rome and Greek wedding. Lily is indicative chasteness and innocent, deserve to ear serves as bridal tire with lily, the implied meaning is worn golden harvests, hundred years close very much. In mediaeval century, the beauty of lily is indicative female. Lily represented pure spirit. Liliaceous color is rich, most person be the same as white lily fancy-free be together with sweet connection. White lily perianth considers as the flower of goddess, maize lily expresses to appreciate with joy.
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