Concerned hand holds beautiful common sense in both hands
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Hold a flower in both hands to result from a kind of old consuetudinary idea: Archaic Hesperian thinks, the flavor with powerful odour and herb (include garlic and chive even) can the people on guard wedding spares the enroach on of adversity and disease. Later this one consuetudinary be come down by follow, had more implication gradually. Circulate nothing is more... than of the widest a kind of view: Maid receives a bride to lose on wedding those who go out hold a flower in both hands, meet the happy partner that finds oneself.

Hold a flower in both hands, original intention is the bouquet that will hold in both hands with the hand, use in common wedding most is globose, hemisphere form, water form and chute form. The popular agitation that holds a flower in both hands also was experienced classic with contemporary, heavy and complicated and concise wait for a lot of metempsychosis. Today, tell from colour, gimmick, of world each district hold a flower in both hands to be in incline to the environmental protection tide of concise, simple but elegant. Be in in recent years in European wedding, we can see even, the bridal hand that wears white gauze holds a bundle in both hands to make lotus of got-up white horse's hoof or money of white lily fund a bit and come, fresh wind is behaved very strong in holding a flower in both hands. So, regard a flower as art division, catch the popular fashion of each season, oneself Huayi style is deduced in orthodox model, also have challenge sex very much.

Because hold a flower in both hands to be given priority to with the application in wedding, have very strong view and admire gender and performance sex, can stimulate the inspiration that gives out flower art architect always also so. Pass the artistic treatment of flower art stylist and painstaking creative work, we often can stagewise sees use wear, , carry, top, carry on the arm, carry those who wait for a variety of forms to reveal to hold a flower in both hands. No matter be in,these work already held bouquet in both hands with common hand appearance, go up to have very big distinction with the material, gimmick that make, the new moon form, S form, type that promote goal, crosier type... the flower that holds a flower in both hands to already became to exceed pure literal import art concept. This period this group of modelling holding a flower in both hands that we are your concentration, come from famous flower art of the architect newest release. From which we can experience many Huayi information, the creation that hopes they can be you is brought inspire.

Hemisphere form: It is the form that often compares a tradition with a kind when arrive, if bridal formal attire is girth constrictive, skirt is placed from the waist to begin to maintain the style since, suit to choose a circle to hold a flower in both hands. The bride with lesser posture also suits to hold a circle to hold a flower in both hands.
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