What flower should be used on wedding
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Marrying to choose with what spend breed is a knowledge, also be an art, what beFlowerCan take those who use. Marry to be used correctly of the choice that the most crucial is beautiful meaning, beautiful form, design and color and beautiful material breed with the flower, give priority to with rose, tulip, lily, carnation commonly, here commonly used to these marriage flowers breed makes one introduction simply.

Rose marriage uses red rose commonly, the love with true implied meaning. Because red rose is the special flowers that expresses love, so it is to marryFlowerA the application in conpatibility of medicines is the widest. Rose look is elegant, have " the empress in the flower " say. But breed of not all red rose is very beautiful material, serve as commonly marry to rare with beautiful Gong Mei breed asks to spend beauty of big, lubricious delicacy, form, stalk to grow (3 5 reachs 45 centimeters) , the red rose of the petaline and thick, Wu Danmei marvellous that is like a Saudi Arabia, England. And the cardinal of our country introduce a fine variety, Samantha? Samenda? With them decorous bearing molopolizes Hua Kui.

Tulip is to marry the good data that uses a flower, often choose red, yellow, violet, white the tulip of a few kinds of color. Gules flower meaning is the confess of love; Maize beautiful meaning is the advent of love; Purple flower meaning is the eternity of love; White beautiful meaning is the chasteness of love.

Lily marriage uses a flower in, lily is used extensively, the implied meaning " hundred years close very much " or " 100 things are acceptability " . Our country crops lily history long, be regarded as traditional and lucky painting of flowers and plants in traditional Chinese style, ancient time call red lily " morningstar lily " , call yellow lily " igneous king " , su Dongpo poem is card: "Plant before hall morningstar lily, strewn at random agate dish. Strewn at random agate dish..

Carnation renown carnation, among them bright red with pink carnation it is to marry to measure one of the greatest flowers variety with cost, former meaning is " the female's love " , latter idea is " the love that does not seek price " , general and commonly used hold flower, bridegroom bosom flower, bridal a basket of flowers, festooned vehicle, bridal chamber in both hands to wait at the bride.

Butterfly orchid says again butterfly orchid, spend butterfly of be similar in shape, fragrant appearance is colourful qualitative, colourful press group of flower, element has " after Lan Zhonghuang " say, it is the bride holds flower, headdress flower, shoulder in both hands the main flower material with flower, wrist flower, beautiful front of a garment, beautiful meaning is " I love you, comely and free from vulgarity, youth always is stationed in " .

Marry to spend material to have with beautiful foil all over the sky evergreen of star, one aspidistra, ivy, asparagus, Guangdong, Su Tie, Hua Xieyu, Tian Dongcao. These multicoloured beautiful material added sweet atmosphere for the marriage of new people, the implied meaning that with its oneself abounds blesses new people hundred years close very much, live to old age in conjugal bliss.
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