Flower deck is bridal each detail
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The hand holds beautiful trend in both hands

Water form holds a flower in both hands

Deng Xiaoyan of reporter of N our newspaper

In Fuzhou, Floweralso be new people place to know gradually at bridal importance, one is completelyFlowermarry the love atmosphere that the hall can build a sweet romance immediately. Hold a flower in both hands besides the hand of bridal festooned vehicle and bride, FlowerArch, arena, advocate the desk, guest desk, place that welcome guest, every bridal corner is OK of the beauty on deckFlower.
It is these traditional flowers taste rose lily not just, tulip, butterfly orchid, violet also be chosen to do adornment to spend gradually.
The adornment of festooned vehicle is on colour is green white department more, weak perhaps pink, champagne moves, symbolic move is pure. On modelling more diversiform also, besides the tradition outside large bouquet of the deck before the car, still have place intentionally form or group synthesis " Love " wait for model of written characters.

The hand holds beautiful trend in both hands concise, simple but elegant
It is indispensable on wedding that the hand holds a flower in both hands, a resplendent hand holds a flower in both hands to be able to promote bridal model instantly, get of everybody praise. Heart graceful the arrowroot of artistic chief inspector of one case says really, a lot of new personality make mistake the most easily on this one link. Often what the bride wears is marriage gauze, what taking in the hand is a bunch of big red rose that plunging into wrapping paper however, and correct collocation should be Western-style hand holds a flower in both hands.
Most hand is being used to hold a flower in both hands in common wedding is globose, hemisphere form, water form and chute form. Tell from colour, gimmick, of world each district hold a flower in both hands incline to the environmental protection tide of concise, simple but elegant. Greenery, fructification, ivy replaced the traditional pattern that gives priority to with lily, rose, also can foil like the charming that gives a bride is beautiful, be in in recent years in European wedding, can see even, the bridal hand that wears white gauze holds a bundle in both hands to make lotus of got-up white horse's hoof or money of white lily fund a bit and come, fresh wind is behaved very strong in holding a flower in both hands.

The hand holds beautiful modelling in both hands to cooperate bridal individual character
On September 23, the ceremonially of lily marriage ceremony that holds in hot spring park, 100 brides will hold the hand with 100 bundles of each not identical, distinctive modelling in both hands to hold a flower in both hands to come on stage. The modelling that the hand holds a flower in both hands is so diversiform, how to match with the temperament of marriage gauze, formal attire and bridal individual gift is the most perfect, also be new people must understand.
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