Wedding makes emotional appeal with the flower
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Proposal 1: Multi-purposeFlower, but want tonal and unified

Floweruse the times that is confined to head car, headdress flower, bride to hold a flower in both hands to had ended. Its feudal will dilate arrives all bridal corners, becauseFlowerAlso do not have a person to be able to feel more again wearily. Hold flower, Niu Konghua in both hands to need not say oneself, beautiful door, desk is spent even the ground can spread all overFlowerWith petaline trace. Those who need an attention is, FlowerDosage appears air, luxurious greatly, but the quality that tonal oneness can reflect new personality more and bridal design feeling.

Proposal 2: Desk flower and flower implement unfavorable and exorbitant too big

Fill a flower implement the option is likewise important, according to our country custom, marriage banquet is the main chance of guest communication, if the desk flower on the banquet and vessel are too exorbitant big, with respect to guest of meeting block up people the line of sight and communication. Conversely, the vessel with cabinet choice should be inserted only a fewFlowerCan appear very rich, the choice with a kind of material benefit, fashionable can yet be regarded as.

Proposal 3: Use a variety of beautiful material to make the banquet looks plumper

Use a variety of meetings that spend material to make the banquet looks plumper, fruity way is being added in bouquet is one of ways that are worth to recommend. In the meantime, Flowercolour should move photograph collocation with banquet mass-tone, but overall for a few more bright-coloured your person prefers.

Make bridal Special Recommendation

No. 1 style uses up the bridal cake that show. Wedding was talked about at most that day should belong to bridal formal attire, be bridal cake next. It is a delicate desert namely, also be a kind of style reflect. Bridal cake should with concise and decorous for the principle. Bridal cake should have clear outline, soft beauty and exquisite are outside.

No. 2 let atmosphere more the champagne tower of HIGH. Western-style wedding can use atmosphere of champagne tower foil in. Champagne tower is adumbrative the sweetness after marriage lives successively tall. Champagne not only taste Qing Dynasty is mellow, and the bleb since that ceaseless like a string of beads Mao Shengchong, make at any time more a HIGH goes to the happy mood of exultation hour and bridal atmosphere highest. In drinkable before the iced in putting champagne bottle the glacial bucket of ice cube makes an appointment with 20-30 minute, mouthfeel will be much better.
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